Umrah Pilgrims Can now Travel back using Special Flights

Jawazat have arranged Special flights for Umrah Pilgrims who have been here in Makkah & Madina, those whose Visas were ended and have staying in Saudi even after their Visa got expired due to lockdown.

Pilgrims were unable to travel back to their home countries due to Coronavirus lockdown and suspension of flights.


Umrah Pilgrims Can now Travel back using Special

Special Flights for Umrah Pilgrims

Ministry of Hajj & Umrah is playing an important role in carrying out all activities related to sending back Pilgrims and preparing their travel plan.

Though their Visa expired ended, there will be no legal or financial action to be taken against them and they will not be banned in coming back to Saudi Arabia in future.

Pilgrims can reach out to their embassy for further details.

Written by shafprince

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