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  • Umrah Pilgrims Entry suspended due to Coronavirus

    Umrah Pilgrims Entry suspended due to Coronavirus Outbreak

    Saudi foreign ministry has temporarily suspended entry of Umrah pilgrims in Saudi Arabia due to Coronavirus outbreak in Saudi Arabia. Muslims seeking to perform Umrah (Makkah & Madina) has been suspended due to the fear of spreading coronavirus in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most of the pilgrims who come for Umrah visit Makkah (Holy […] More

  • CoronaVirus Facts, Important Information about Corona

    CoronaVirus Facts: Important Information about Corona Virus

    Coronovirus started from a Chinese seafood market and WHO confirmed about this virus effected more than 9,800 people in Wuhan, China. There are chances the virus will spread to other countries like US, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Canada and South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, the UK and Finland. Many of the Saudi Nationals and […] More