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Shoura Council in Saudi approves amendment to traffic laws

The Shoura Council on Tuesday approved the amendment of the Traffic Law issued by Royal Decree No. (M/85) on Nov. 7, 2007, which was amended by Royal Decree No. (M/70) dated Aug. 20, 2016, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

This came during the Shoura Council’s 41st ordinary session held under the chairmanship of Shoura Speaker Abdullah Al-Asheikh.

Assistant Speaker of Shoura Council Yahya Al-Samaan said the council made its decision after listening to the members’ views on the report submitted by the Security Affairs Committee on the proposed amendment.

Saudi Shoura Council approves amendment to traffic

Shoura Council in Saudi approves amendment to traffic laws

Al-Samaan added that the council had also discussed the report submitted by the committee on transport, telecommunications and information technology.

The committee demanded the provision of necessary funds to complete the SRO’s troubled projects, especially security, safety, and service development projects. The committee also urged the SRO to enhance the economic efficiency of its railway projects by attracting international investments.

One member proposed restructuring the rail transport sector in a manner that turns SRO into a public body and makes it responsible for conducting studies on constructing railways instead of operating railways.

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