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Saudi Expat Dependent Fees in 2020 & 2021?

Shoura Council in Saudi Arabia had a meeting amongst them to discuss and carry out a study regarding Expat Dependent Fees 2020 and its possibility of keeping the Expat Dependent Fees or not after the year 2020 at the same level.

The discussion was carried out on whether to keep the Saudi Expatriate Fee on companies and Dependet Fees on Expats for the year 2020 at the same level.

Saudi Expat Dependent Fees Continue after 2020 in 2021

Here are the previous and current Expat Dependent Fee on Iqama with Details:

Year 2017 – 100 SR per Dependent Expat
Year 2018 – 200 SR per Dependent Expat
Year 2019 – 300 SR per Dependent Expat
Year 2020 – 400 SR per Dependent Expat

Here is one of the best article which provides you more details about Expat yearly Dependent Fees and How it is Calculated?

In 2021 will it be 400 R or more than 400 SR?

We don;t have the answer yet, whether the expat dependent fees will increase or decrease or will remain the same after 2020 to be continued to 202

We’ll still wait for an update from Shoura Council and will keep all our Blog readers informed about the evaluation and the results taken after this study.

Most of the my Expat friends are praying that Saudi should reduce the Dependent Fee after 2020 or at least minimize the amount so that they can live with their families in Saudi.

Hoping and praying for the best with Allah.

While discussing it also asked the committee coordination with relevant authorities to study and analyze the reasons for the absence of companies in some regions of the Kingdom, and work to address it in accordance with the objectives of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, in addition to achieving balanced development of various regions across the kingdom.

It also asked to evaluate the outcome of it efforts to increase the economic levels in the country and increase Foreign trade for achieving Saudi Arabian Goals of Vision 2030

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