No More Smoking while Driving in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Traffic Authority has stated in one of its Tweets, while replying to a user questions that Smoking is illegal while driving.

The Tweet came while responding a query if Smoking is considered as a violation while driving as per the Saudi traffic Law?

Saudi Arabia’s Traffic Authority considers Smoking can distract a driver which may lead him to an accident. Any that will distract a Driver while driving will be considered as a Traffic violaton. So, No more smoking while driving on the roads of Saudi Arabia.

No More Smoking while Driving in Saudi Arabia

Question: Is smoking while driving considered a law violation? 

Answer: Yes, a violation is recorded anytime a driver is distracted with anything other than driving their vehicle.”

As per one Saudi Newspaper Smoking while driving can pnealize you a fine of 100 SAR.

Most of the People reacted t the news who smoke while driving, but other thought it was a great step towards safety.

These steps are taken into measures as major deaths in Saudi Arabia happens through Car accidents. As per the statistics there will be an accident in every 5 minutes across Saudi Arabia.

Traffic Authorites in Saudi have introduced New traffic managment System, installed New Saher Cameras and Introduced New Traffic Rules & Regulations to increase the Safety of Drivers and reduce accidents.

So, I request all of you to Not to do the below things while Driving which can distract you while driving.

  • Smoking while Driving
  • Eating while driving
  • Using Mobile Phones
  • Watching a Movie while Driving
  • Not using Seat belt

Written by shafprince

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