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Fine of SR 1000 for Wrong Parking in Saudi Arabia

Traffic Laws in Saudi Arabia are very strict now-a-days due to increase in accidents in Saudi Arabia. If u park your vehicle in non-Parking space, you might end up paying heavy fine for Wrong Parking in Saudi Arabia. parking is a problem everywhere because of shortage of parking space or not parking correctly in parking space or people just keep stones or barriers in their parking space so other shouldn’t park their vehicles.

Fine for Wrong Parking in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Traffic Department will levy a fine of SR 1000 for wrong parking for the below instances

– Parking in unauthorized places (Reserved for special category)
– Parking on Public roads (No Parking)
– Parking of vehicle not reserved for parking – basically Wrong Parking

Wrong Parking Fines can go Up to SR 1000. So be careful while parking your vehicle and check for any no parking spaces and signs.

Below is an example of Fine for wrong parking:

Wrong Parking Fine SR 1000 in Saudi Arabia

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