Facial Recoginition System for Immigration in KSA

Facial recognition system uses a technology for identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video. General Directorate of Passport in Saudi Arabia has introduced this Facial Recognition System too along with Biometric to secure identifcation of visitors to Saudi Arabia.

It also eases to monitor and control visitor departures & arrivals.

Facial Recoginition System for Immigration in

Al-Yahya said, “We can’t attract investors while our services are poor or we have complicated procedures,” he said. “We always review our procedures to make sure that our services meet our guests’ satisfaction.” “The much improved our services are, the easier investors entry procedures become,”

Eye-scan technology for immigration check was already there and this new facial-recognition system will be able to identify newcomers or illegal stayers.

The new technology can also help when tragedy strikes, as it can help the authorities identify patients in hospital, or even people who have died, who have no passport or identification papers.

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