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Most of the awaited news for the Expats living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) was initiation of Saudi Premium Residency (Saudi Green Card) by proving expats an additional opportunity for bringing their relatives, buying real estate, running businesses, and much more. - Steps for Registering for Saudi Premium Residency

Premium Residency Center in KSA have come-up with two options for Saudi Premium Residency Card

  1. Distinctive residence for a specific period
  2. Distinctive residence for an unlimited period

You can get more details about the Two options here

Based on your requirement you can apply for any of the above residency programs in Saudi Arabia.

Here are the steps to be followed for Registration of Premium Residency Card in Saudi (KSA):

Open the Official website of premium Residency Center (

Fill the Following Details in the form in the sections mentioned below as shown in the screenshot:

Premium Residency Center Registration Form in

Personal Data

– First Name
– Name of the Father
– Last name
– Grandfather name
– Date of birth
– Passport number
– Passport issuing country
– Passport issuing city
– Passport expiration date
– Passport issuance date
– Personal photo

Account details
– Email
– Email confirmation
– Mobile phone number
– Username
– Password
– Confirm password
– Verification Code

After confirming the Captcha code

Click on the Sign Up button

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Saudi Premium Residency Options for

Two Options for Saudi Premium Residency for Expats

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