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  • Umrah Visas stopped for Hajj, resumes 16th August 2019

    Umrah Visas stopped for Hajj, resumes 16th August 2019

    Due to upcoming Hajj 2019 The Ministry of Haj and Umrah in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has stoppe recieving applications for Umrah Visas. CEO of the National Committee for the Haj and Umrah said that the ministry will resume receiving applications for Umrah visas from th August 2019. A record number of 7,650,736 Umrah […] More

  • Umrah Visa Status And Fee Applicable

    Now Check Umrah Visa Status And Fee Applicable Online

    Recently, a new service has been introduced by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia for the pilgrims agents  and the operators to check the status of the Umrah Visa Application and the required fee to be paid for the Umrah Visa. The pilgrims who are performing first Umrah of their life are […] More

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    Hajj Quota for Indians increased by Saudi Arabia

    Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman during his visit to India has announced increased Quota for Hajj Pilgrims for Indians. Quota was increase to 200,000 Pilgrims as per Indian Prime Minister’s request. Crown Prince also ordered to release around 800 Indian prisoners who were held in Saudi Arabian Jails per Prime Ministers request. […] More

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    Pilgrims can travel on Camels from Makkah to Madina

    Ministry of Haj & Umrah wants to initiate an interesting project which will allow pilgrims, visitors and citizens of Saudi Arabia to travel to Madina on camels (following the Sunnah of our Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) has taken during his Hijrah (migration) to Madina). This project will be launched in-coordination with Royal Commission […] More

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    Visit Maqam e-portal for Umrah Services Online

    Ministry of Hajj & Umrah in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants to simplify pilgrimage for Muslims coming from all over the world. This portal will help applying for an Umrah package digitally for Muslim’s travelling from outside of Saudi Arabia to Makkah & Madina. Additionally, Maqam portal also provides prices of competing service providers […] More

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    2 Million Umrah Visa Issued this Season

    Ministry of Hajj & Umrah in Saudi Arabia has issues more than 2 Million Umrah VISA starting September 2018 till date. Around 2,002,456 Umrah VISAs have been issued to all the pilgrims across the globe. Out of which almost 60% of the pilgrims have performed Umrah and left to their home countries. 15% of the […] More

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    Saudi Umrah E-Visas to be available soon for Individuals

    Ministry of Hajj & Umrah in Saudi Arabia have planned to issue E-Visas for Umrah (Umrah E-Visa) for mentioned categories of people as per the ministry official. Indiviuals can apply for Umrah Visas directly without approaching respective Saudi diplomatic missions. Umrah E-Visas are a plan of Vision 2030 and the first phase of E-Visa was […] More

  • Iraqi Hajj Pilgrim suicide from Makkah Roof Top-Suicide in

    Iraqi Hajj Pilgrim suicide from Makkah Roof Top

    Suicide in Makkah is a heinous crime anyone would like to perform. This is the second time in this year that any has tried committing suicide. This time it was Iraqi Hajj Pilgrim who jumped from the Roof top of Holy Mosque (Makkah) to the ground and died on the spot this Friday on 9:10 […] More

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