Biometrics for All Expats to be Updated in Jawazat

Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) has recommended each and every Expatriate living in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to update their Biometrics, who have not yet updated or documented their Biometrics (Fringetprint & Eye Scan) as soon as possible to have all their details updated & registered in Jawazat.

Biometrics Information All Expats to be Updated in

This is a message to all Expatriates and their dependents who are more than 6 years old must document and register their Biometrics (Fingerprints) across the the centers setup by the kingdom.

If you’ve not yet registered your Biometric yet you will face difficulty in Exit/Re-Entry VISA, Iqama renewals, Iqama Tranfers, Passport Updation.

You can reach out fo Jawazat for ny queries through th electronic mail: [email protected]

Written by shafprince

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