Automatic Renewal Of Iqama for 3 Months by Jawazat

Jawazat in one of its tweet while replying to an expatriate said that there will be an exemption from financial compensation for expatriates from commercial professions whose residency ended from 23/7/1441 AH corresponding to 20/3/2020 until 9/11/1441 AH corresponding to 6/30/2020 AD, by extending their residency period “automatically” For three months without charge.

Automatic Renewal of Iqama for 3 Months by

Free Iqama Renewal for 3 Months for Commercial Professions

This seems to be a good news for expats whose Iqama was expired after 20th March. For such Expatriates government has taken this decision during this pandemic situation to help and support expatriates and minimize any financial issues.

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This is only applied to people who are working in Commercial professions or roles inside or outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Expatriates who are currently out of Saudi Arabia can provide their dates to Jawazat using Absher portal.

It means Free Iqama Renewal for 3 months by Jawazat for commercial professions

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